Musical Theatre

Watch your child’s confidence soar and their passion for performing unfold!

Stage Stars musical theatre classes will ignite and inspire your child’s passion for performing by developing their singing, acting, and dancing skills through our creativity-enhancing classes.

Elite Dance has been a family of dedicated instructors specializing in developing kids confidence and creativity in Bicester for over 30 years!

We offer weekly musical theatre classes tailored to meet the needs of each individual student that also emphasize the joy that performing arts can bring to a child’s life.

We truly believe each child has the ability to shine when given the right opportunities and support and dedicate ourselves to being an inclusive school where every child is given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

“Thank you Elite Dance for all you have done throughout this strange and challenging year. When Emily has no contact with friends and teachers at school for months her classes has been her lifeline and has done so much for her well being” C Armer Parent

We cannot wait to see you for a no obligation Introductory class,click the link below to book today! 

Musical theatre encompasses dance, singing and acting into one well rounded and creative art form. Musical theatre teaches students variety and the ability to multitask. Students will learn how to encompass technical singing ability, strong dance skills and acting, into one style at the same time. Musical theatre will enhance creativity, confidence and stage presence in any student. Whilst allowing students to have a lot of fun!