How dance classes combat confidence issues in children!

How dance classes combat confidence issues in children!

Dear Elite Families,

We hope you are staying safe and well! Fingers crossed its not long now until our studio return! Which is so exciting!

Today we wanted to write to you about how Dance classes can help children gain confidence!

Some children are bold and excited in new situations, some are shy and nervous! It’s just in their nature. If you are worrying about enrolling your shy child in dance classes then please don’t! Dance is the perfect place for even the quietest of children to come out of their shell. Let’s investigate why.

Self Development – throughout a set of dance classes children will start to notice themselves improving. Children can start to learn that with perseverance and practice, they will start to improve and it becomes a cycle of improving and feeling good about their work.

Social Skills – Dance classes present many opportunities for children to mix with others from different schools and outside their social circles. They will learn to mix as as a member of a class that has children with different views and opinions, potentially mirroring workplaces when older. Dance classes give children the confidence to speak up against their peers and present their opinions.

Body Positivity – Students will start to learn that bodies all differ and although so, all bodies are able to dance in some way or another. They may look different to the other dancers in class, but they all execute and perform the same material, bringing a sense of unity between all the bodies in the room.

Team work – dancers will start to work in groups and build caring friendships within their class. Dancers will work as part of a team and grow confidence through their work with others. Students and teachers work close together so that we can see confidence grow within students. Shy children will flourish in these working environments and build their confidence!

These are just a range of ideas of confidence building benefits of dance classes! There are so man more!

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The Elite Dance Team x