You are not investing in dance, you are investing in your child!

You are not investing in dance, you are investing in your child!

Hi Elite Families!

We hope you’re all staying well at home! The countdown is on! Not long now until we are able to be all back together in the studio! We hope you are as excited as we are!

Today’s blog is about investment! Sounds weird right but we really mean it!

When starting your child with dance lessons you are investing in their future. There are countless benefits to dance classes which we have outlined in many of our blogs and social media posts before!

However todays post isn’t about the benefits! Its about investing! Because at face value dance classes can seem highly expensive but when you break down your spending you are putting value to your payments and understanding how you are investing in your child.

Your dance payment covers a qualified teacher who has undertaken extensive training to reach their position today. Our teachers at Elite hold a range of qualifications from different awarding bodies. Which we feel provides a diverse range of expertise and allows your children to gain a well rounded wealth of knowledge within multiple styles of dance.

At Elite we choose to keep our classes small. This is to ensure that all students get specific and tailored tuition to best suit their progress and achievement within classes. The smaller the number of students, the more focus your child can have on them meaning quicker progression and development! Smaller classes tend to be more expensive to cover the overheads, but investing in a smaller class means investing in your child.

Investing in multiple classes allows your child to become fully invested and a fully fledged member of their dance community. They will be making friendships that will last forever and furthermore enhancing their emotional wellbeing!

Dance is an all rounded activity with many benefits and sides!

Invest in your child, and see the difference in their happiness and wellbeing!

Thanks for reading!

The Elite Dance Team x