All about and a thank you to our Senior Student Ambassadors!

All about and a thank you to our Senior Student Ambassadors!

HI There Elite Families,

We hope you’re all staying well and safe! Today we wanted to write about our Senior Student Ambassadors!

As you know, at Elite, our values centre around inclusivity, Family Values and providing a nourishing learning environment. A huge part of. our dance family and the smooth running of our younger students lessons are our Student Ambassadors!

Student Ambassadors at Elite, help within our younger student classes by ensuring a smooth run of the class, assisting with more nervous students to build a rapport and help them settle into the class! For our younger students, having an older student to look up to can be hugely beneficial in providing an inspiration for them in class. Many younger students enjoy seeing where they can go within their dance journey by watching older students. Having these older students within their class allows for a reminder of where hard work can get them!

However the benefits don’t just apply to the students, but also the student ambassador. Whilst assisting in classes, ambassadors are able to

  • gain leadership experience and skills that will provide them with a strong stance when working in teams in later life.
  • gain experience working with children, to asses wether this a pathway they may choose to take later in life .
  • ambassadors will have the opportunity to revisit old syllabuses and understand the basic forms of technique, to be able to refresh and build upon their own technique in classes
  • gain a knowledge of a working teaching room and start to understand assessing risks within a classroom

Being a teaching ambassador is a privileged position and we feel proud to offer this role to our students! We love seeing them develop and grow in the role and become mini teachers ready to take on the world! We hope that you feel inspired to use the skills you’ve developed later in life!

We also want to take the time to thank our current studio ambassadors for their help within studio classes. We love having you in the studio environment with us and couldn’t do some of our younger classes without your help! The countless toilet trips and shoelace tying is all thanks to your help! We really value your time and that is why all our studio ambassadors get one free class a week in return for their help! We are beyond grateful for their time!

Thank you again and if you would like to get involved let us know of your interest (ambassador spaces are limited and subject to availability in classes)

Best wishes,

The Elite Dance Team.