Our Musical Theatre Production classes are a wonderful way for you or your child to experience the magic of performing in both dance and song.

The classes are cleverly designed to encourage individual and group development, offering you or your child a supportive environment in which to grow in creativity and in confidence.

Come and join us to see what it’s like!

Each 45 minute class starts with a warm up activity.

In order to work well as a group, the individual students need this time to get to know one another better and to reconnect after a week of activity since the last class!  We love to play around with vocal warm ups and tongue twisters as well as coordination-based activities.

Park Bench

This brings fabulous insight into the imagination of our students!  Each person is allocated a role, and is invited to sit on a ‘park bench’ to act in character.  As people come and go from the bench we can get under the skin of the character we’ve taken on.  It’s really fun to explore the personalities and relationships that develop in this exercise!

Of course, it wouldn’t be Musical Theatre without the singing and dancing!

The class practice a song and the choreography to go with it, refining and improving it week on week.

They learn that each voice makes a difference, improving their ability to listen to one another and blend their sounds.

Students from 4 years old and upwards are welcome to join our Musical Theatre Classes.  Come and let the music move you!