Setting expectations for Online Classes!

Setting expectations for Online Classes!

Hi there Elite Families,

We hope you are staying safe and well in these crazy times! However this is the 3rd time we’ve transitioned to online classes and again are so proud of how well our dancers are coping! 

It is very important however to set realistic expectations for online learning, both dance and school! Children are often very visual learners and need to see a tangible resource in front of them to learn, whether that be a learning tool, or a teacher, in the same space they are learning. Online learning can present a multitude of difficulties specific to the needs of the individual. However in the context of dance we have a couple of tips to help keep students engaged at home!

Preparing for the class!

-Try to treat the lesson as if you are going into the studio. Ask your child to use the toilet before the lesson starts so they don’t need to go halfway through, which loses valuable learning time. 

-Ask your child to get dressed in their usual uniform. Do their hair ready for class. Feeling presentable for class can allow students to engage much better with the class as they maintain the feeling of normality that comes with getting ready to come to the studio.

-Make sure they’ve had a snack before the session, hungry tummies struggle to focus on tasks!

Limit Distractions.

-If possible have your child complete their class in a quiet room away from siblings so they can focus solely on the class! We completely understand this is not always possible at home, however can be helpful if it is feasible. Could siblings go and play outside for 30 mins? Or go and play upstairs?

-Remove other devices from the room. Ipad, xbox, phone, tablet are all providing a distraction to your child, which can sometimes be tempting for even the most sensible among us!  Toys and games can also be distracting so if these things can be put away before the class, your child will be much more focused. 

Praise your child!

-Your child will inevitably want to tell you about the class after they have completed it. If you can, take the time to listen and praise them for their hard work. The feeling that you have understood their achievement will fuel them to continue working hard and make more progress! 

-Could you recognise their progress within classes, maybe reward them each time they complete a class with a sticker, and they can keep a record of how much they have achieved!

Plan into your schedule! 

-A visual timetable for your child will allow them to understand their schedule of lessons! Could you take the time to write up a timetable in the room they take classes and note all their classes? Also providing them with some self accountability to recognise that their class is on that day and starting soon so they can get ready for class!

We really hope you are enjoying online classes and preparing for the showcase! We are loving your hard work and can’t wait to see the end result! 

Best wishes 

The Elite Dance Team!