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School Policy/ terms and conditions


Fees will be charged from your chosen debit/card card by recurring payment on the 1st of each month. Fees for your 36 term time classes are made payable over a 12 months payment plan. Payment is required in full for all lessons regardless of attendance and all fees are non-refundable.



All students who attend the school will be required at the end of their first half a term, to purchase and wear the school’s full set uniform which encourages good self-discipline and ensures safe dance practice.  All uniform is dependent upon dance style and grade and is to be purchased through the school upon completion of a uniform order form. Payment must be made in full at the time of placing the order. Please see the Uniform Catalogue for more information which can be located in the waiting area. All students must wear this uniform, along with the correct footwear, to every lesson.

Hair must be secured neatly away from the face, with all long hair tied back, in every lesson. In all Ballet classes, students are expected to wear their hair in a classical bun, and from Grade 2 Ballet onwards, this is compulsory. If you are unsure on how to bun hair, please speak to your teacher who will be happy to assist. All jewellery (except small stud earrings) and watches are strictly not permitted for health and safety reasons. Elite Dance and Theatre Tuition Ltd cannot be held responsible for any jewellery or valuables which are brought to the school or left in the changing/waiting areas.If dressed inappropriately for class, Elite Dance & Theatre Tuition Ltd reserves the right to refuse students entry to class, without refund.


Class Etiquette:

Elite Dance & Theatre Tuition Ltd prides itself on its high standards and excellent reputation and therefore expects all students to behave appropriately in class and whilst representing the school.

Elite Dance & Theatre Tuition Ltd see it to be in both pupils and staffs interests not to attend another local dance school which offers the same dance styles and syllabus’, due to varying standards and different approaches to teaching. If you currently do or wish to attend another dance school, as well as Elite Dance & Theatre Tuition Ltd, please contact Miss Hayley to discuss this further.


Viewing classes:

Parents are not permitted to watch normal weekly classes from within the dance studio/hall, however we welcome all parents to join us at our annual presentation and awards day and showcases to view their child’s progress.



To ensure all classes run on time, if you have any queries or questions which may need to be discussed at length, please contact Hayley via email on info@elitedanceandtheatretuition.co.uk or by telephone on 07842902207. Elite Dance & Theatre Tuition Ltd does not tolerate any verbal abuse towards any teachers/staff members or volunteers within the school under any circumstances. Any grievances should be discussed in private with Hayley and not with teachers/staff members, volunteers, students, parents or members of the public.


Class Cancellations and Cover:

On the rare occasion when classes are cancelled due to adverse weather conditions or teacher illness, a replacement lesson will be timetabled, where possible, for another day or time.


First Aid:

All our staff are trained first aiders and first aid will be administered to students when deemed necessary. Accidents and injuries will be recorded in the accident book. Severe injuries will be reported to RIDDOR. In the case on an emergency, and if the parent/guardian is absent, teachers will act in loco parentis.



Elite Dance & Theatre Tuition Ltd respect the privacy of all our students, however it is highly important that we are able to contact you in case of emergencies and that we know of any medical conditions which may affect you or your child within class, so please be as open and honest with us as you can be. A registration form must be completed and signed upon joining the school, to provide us with these necessary details, and as an agreement to the terms and conditions of Elite Dance & Theatre Tuition Ltd. If a registration form is not completed by your/your child’s second lesson, we will unfortunately no longer be able to reserve your/your child’s place within the class. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to inform us of any change of contact or medical details as soon as possible.


Child Protection:

The school follows a strict child protection policy which is available to view upon request. To enable us to fully comply with this policy we have also listed some important points below:


-Because of the physical nature of dance, to ensure all movements and positions are correctly executed and to avoid injury, please be aware that there may be times when the teacher may need to physically correct you/your child.

-Please ensure you supervise your children in the waiting area prior to their class starting, and please also ensure your children are collected promptly at the end of their lessons. Elite Dance & Theatre Tuition Ltd cannot be held responsible for children outside of their lesson times. If there is an issue with collecting your children, please speak to the class teacher prior to the start of the class.

-It is crucial that all students are on time for all classes so that they can participate in the group warm-up at the start of the lesson, which is vital in the prevention of injuries.

-There will be times in school shows and events when you/your child will be videoed/photographed. There may then be used for school notice boards or to promote the school in various ways.

-Elite Dance & Theatre Tuition teachers and volunteers are unable to assist with toileting young children due to child protection, so please ensure your child has been to the toilet before starting their class.


Please note that by attending any class within Elite Dance & Theatre Tuition Limited you are in agreement with and are required to follow the School Policy. Failure to comply with the School Policy may lead to you being asked to leave the School without refund of any fees already paid.

Please note these terms and conditions are reviewed & updated without prior notification, an up to date copy can be viewed upon request or on the school website www.elitedancebicester.co.uk




Pay upfront for the whole year in full and receive additional benefits: -

  • 10% discount on class fees
  • Complimentary £15.00 uniform voucher
  • Priority show booking




















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