Injury prevention when dancing at home!

Dear Elite Families,

We hope you’re staying well at home and enjoying online classes. We are looking forward to the online showcase on the 21st February and were so proud of all your hard work!

An important topic we need to discuss today is injury prevention when dancing at home!

Today we are going to be talking about two main types of injuries. Accidental trauma, and progressive. 

Accidental trauma injuries consist of slips and falls, that can result in sprains, breaks and bruises. There are many obvious ways to prevent these injuries, but also some less obvious! 

Firstly clear a space to dance. Where possible clear a space for your child to dance in. A clear space empty of obstructions will allow your child to dance safely at home. 

Appropriate footwear. Depending on the style of dance your child is taking, and the floor they are dancing on, there are a variety of options available. Try and maintain your child’s normal footwear for each class, but if adaptations need to be made, feel free to consult the class teacher! Remember socks on a slippery surface are always a recipe for disaster.

When discussing progressive injuries, there are many more factors to consider. We are learning to move and dance in a different space and in a different way, and our bodies need to adapt accordingly.

Warm up and cool down! Within classes there will be a natural warm up and cool down section. However if you have the time to take 5 minutes before class to get your muscles warmed up, and 5 minutes after class to stretch them out, you are minimising the risk of a pulled muscle and allowing your body to recuperate.

Jumping! Jumping can be the biggest contributor to progressive injuries. If not carried out properly jumps can cause injury so it’s very important to check that jumps are being carried out properly. Make sure to start and end with bent knees, lessening the pressure on the joints. 

Make sure to keep hydrated! Hydration is key and keeps our bodies in the best position to complete a class! Hydrating before and after a class will keep your body feeling good!

In relation to all types of injury the most important thing is to trust your intuition. If it feels wrong and you don’t feel safe, then don’t do it! A teacher will respect a student who speaks up and says they don’t feel safe performing a certain move in their space at home and will be more than happy to adapt! 

Stay safe, stay well and enjoy dancing at home!

Best wishes, we can’t wait to be reunited with you all!

The Elite Dance Team x