How dance has helped millions of children worldwide throughout the lockdowns!

How dance has helped millions of children worldwide throughout the lockdowns!

Hi There Elite Families!

The countdown is on! Our face to face dance classes return on the 19th April and we could not be more excited!

We thought todays blog would be a great opportunity to look back over the last year of online dancing and recognise some of the ways online dance has helped children throughout quarantines and lockdowns. there have been so many positives to come out of a bad situation and its so important to recognise the benefits!

Routine – regularly scheduled classes allowed children to keep routine and structure in their daily lives whilst trying to navigate home schooling and a variety of other battles in their ‘new normal’. knowing that their dance class would come around each evening has given many children the opportunity to keep schedule and routine in their day!

Fitness – For many children and families, keeping active when locked down has been quite difficult. If you don’t have access to a garden or an easy and safe route to exercise outside it isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Online dance classes have allowed students to keep fit and keep moving through a fun and safe setting in which they feel comfortable and in their normal!

Adaptability – online classes have presented issues such as not enough space, or the occasional pet or sibling on the loose! But online classes presented an opportunity for children to learn to quickly adapt to their situation and surroundings. This adaptability will benefit children in their future lives and will have taught them an invaluable skill.

Emotional wellbeing – Dance helps children to regulate their emotions, it is an outlet for their natural expression that has emotional and social benefits. Children are able to quite literally ‘dance it out’ and help remove any stresses or issues that they have encountered that day!

Resilience – As much as there have been many benefits to online classes, let’s not sugar coat it! It can and has been tough! But the resilience of young children to come back and face zoom again each week has been incredible! Children have shown time and time again they are strong and resilient and will continue to push through!

We hope you are as excited to return to the studio as we are! Have there been anything you have felt was a huge benefit of online classes? If so let us know below in the comments!

Stay safe and see you soon!

Best wishes

The Elite Dance Team x