Exam Coaching!

Exams will be held at the end of term. Students selected to take examinations will be informed via letter. Please see below the coaching times for students to attend in addition to their regular classes if they are selected for an exam

Compulsory Exam Coaching

Primary Ballet Group A30th Nov & 7th Dec4:45-5:30
Pre Primary Tap30th Nov & 7th Dec5:30-6
Level 1 Ballet26th Nov & 3rd Dec5-5:30
Grade1  Modern30th Nov & 7th Dec4-4:45
Grade 3 Modern30th Nov &7th Dec4:45-5:30
Grade 4 Modern30th Nov & 7th Dec5:30-6:15
Grade 2 Tap30th Nov & 7th Dec4-4:45
Grade 3 Tap30th Nov & 7th Dec6:00-6:45
Grade2 Ballet14th Dec4-4.45
Grade 3 Ballet14th Dec4.45-5.30
Grade 4 Ballet14th Dec5:30-6.15