Virtual Presentation day 2020

As those of you who have been with the school for a while will already know each year we usually host a presentation and awards day. Each class perform a snippet of what they have been working towards in classes and then awards are given for each genre, with all children receiving a rosette.
Sadly due to lockdown we are unable to host this event as we usually would however we will be taking this event online on Saturday 18th Dec.

This week and next all pupils will have part of their zoom lessons recorded to be used for the virtual presentation day. The videos will then be placed on a password protected page on our website which elite parents and pupils will have access to on 18th December only. At 3pm on 18th December our award winners will be announced from our Facebook page in genre order.

The presentation day is usually a big fundraiser for the school and helps to fund items such as our acro mats recently purchased and provide free workshops for school pupils such as our “Elf the Musical Workshop” being held on 6th Dec. 

Physical awards, rosettes and certificates will be presented in class in January lockdown depending. So if you are in receipt of a winners trophy from last year please do ensure it is returned that first week back to classes.

Further details of how to access the Virtual presentation day will be released closer to the event so please do keep checking emails.

Best wishes,
Hayley Byrd

PS if you do not wish for your child to appear in the footage of the virtual presentation day please do not stop them from attending classes these next two weeks simply drop us an email in the office at [email protected] and we will be sure to edit their face from the footage before it goes live.