The Importance of Smaller Classes!

Dear All,

We hope you are staying well! Thank you to everyone who has been attending our socially distanced outdoor classes, we have loved seeing you!

Today I wanted to write about something that we feel is of huge importance to our values here at Elite.

We feel that small classes are of key importance to students gaining an effective understanding of the class and giving students the ability to absorb as much of the information shared within the class as possible!

Small classes allow students to receive much more feedback. Teachers are able to share their attention more evenly amongst small numbers of students, and therefore give more attention to each student 1 on 1 within the class.

Within small classes, students are much more visible to the teacher, and therefore more specific feedback is given rather than generalised feedback from the teacher on what they saw from the whole class. Smaller classes assist students in their personal development much more than a larger class as feedback will be identified to each student.

It is also clearly noticeable within a smaller class that voices are amplified. Whether it be that students become more comfortable in the community of their small class, or that it is easier to be heard amongst a smaller group of students. Allowing students to voice concerns, questions or suggestions much more easily.

Overall here at Elite we feel that smaller class sizes are much more beneficial for students and teachers, as well as allowing customers and parents to feel they are benefitting much more for the money they are spending on tuition. Allowing us to feel that smaller classes to enhance our dance community!

Best Wishes,
The Elite Dance Team!