Thank you Elite Families!

Dear Elite Families,

Thank you so much for all your commitment last week to helping us get our outdoor socially distanced classes up and running! We are so grateful for your patience! We also want to thank you for your understanding during the storms! We didn’t think that outdoor classes sounded too safe with lightning!

A small reminder to anyone attending outdoor sessions this week! The weather forecast is looking very sunny! So make sure to wear lots of suncream and to bring some water with you!

Another reminder for parents that due to social distancing we are unable to let any parents past the gate, students should wait in/near the car until their teacher comes to collect them! Where possible parents should stay in the car at all times. This reduces the possibility of social distancing to becoming difficult!

When it is not your Childs turn to attend in person their class will still be run on zoom at the same time! Please get in touch if you need the zoom codes for the classes.

When attending outdoor classes be sure to keep safe, make sure to protect your skin, drink lots of water, and be careful when jumping on the concrete! If not practiced properly this can damage your joints! Check out last week’s blog for more info on staying safe whilst dancing outdoors!

Best wishes to you all, and we can’t wait to see you for another week of classes!

Miss Emily & The Elite Dance Team.