We are super exited to have started our very own blog! And for our first post we wanted to share with you the importance of sending your child to a fully trained teacher!

Now lets think out of the box a little bit here.. You wouldn’t send your child to a unqualified doctor or dentist or swimming teacher so why would dance be any different. We too are working with your child’s bodies and the importance of keeping them injury free is totally underestimated! Dance can be damaging to young bodies if the correct training and guidance is not given!

Unqualified teachers will not have the knowledge of the anatomy and physiology and just because your a great dancer does not make you a great teacher. Atrained teacher will have learnt how to break down the moves into safe manageable chunks for the students to understand and safely do.

So please when considering taking up a new class or activity for your child check qualification first. You’ll be glad you did!