Hi guys!

I wish you all the best – I hope you’re all keeping safe and well.

In this odd time at home it can be really tricky to stay motivated, especially when bed and PlayStation are so, so close!

I wanted to share with you a few tricks for how I like to stay motivated… and I’m sure lots of you will have heard me mention these already.

I make sure I’m up early and do some exercise first thing (our Wake up Warm up on Facebook live is perfect: 9.30am weekdays & 10am Saturday!). This gets me nice and ready for the day ahead!
I really like to write a to do list either the morning or the night before. This helps me to track my progress in the tasks I need to get done each day. I love drawing small boxes next to the items…and ticking them off when they’re done!
It is super important to give yourself some downtime too. FaceTime your friends, watch some TV or read a book… Scheduling in some downtime is my favourite end to a busy day!

Stay safe, see you soon!
Miss Emily