How dance can help hypermobility in joints?

Joints and muscles are the play cards for our body. The movements of our body are dependent upon the muscles and the joints. They are almost everywhere even we have small facial muscles and connecting joints. Thus, they are of greater importance. The lack of joint care can bring plenty of health issues in your life. There are different types of joints some of them can rotate to the entire 360 degrees while other cannot. The complete mobility of your life is depending on your joint’s health! So, neglecting their health can cause trouble.

Joints and their movements

For understanding, the importance and role of joints let’s first understand their types and basic movements. Gliding, hinge, and ball and socket joints are the most commonly known joints. Our heart may seem a soft organ but it still has joints that hold it firm and stabilize its function. Joints which are found inside our heart are known as cartilage joints. Fibrous joints inside it, also serve the purpose of keeping it firm and fixed.

Synovial joints

Synovial joints are known for driving the movements of the body. They have a synovial capsule which has been wrapped around the synovial joints.

Pivot joints

Pivot joints can be located around the collar bones. The rotation of the neck to the sideways is because of these pivot joints.

Ball and socket joint

Ball and socket joints can be found near the hip and the shoulders. They are termed ball and socket because of their appearance and shape.

Hinge joints

Then, we have hinged joints that have been created for the elbow and knees.

These few joints and their movement describe the importance of their role. Without their proper movement, the human body is unable to perform well.

How to keep joints fit?

Fitness is not only related to the body shape. In fact, it is more than the burning of calories. A human body can be described completely fit if all the underlying organs work perfectly fine. Likewise, muscles and joints should also be kept fit. For optimal performance, a proper care of joints should be taken. When negotiating about the joint health, a term known as hypermobility is used. Hypermobility is a condition in which an individual can move their joints to an unusual range. Some of the fitness enthusiasts and physicians termed this condition as a syndrome. In such case taking care of joints is very important otherwise it would result in severe pain. Sometimes, it becomes hard to gain strength and stability. Usually, people with hypermobility can dance well because of their advanced range of movement in their joints. Dance can help to build strength enabling the dancer to control and hold their moves therefore aiding them to avoid injury.