Dancing at home!

We’re all getting used to a new ‘normal’ and it’s tough, especially when our outdoor time and our social interaction is limited. So let’s indulge the natural need to move, and bring some dance-based cheer to the household!

If you’ve got a little one, clap, sing or play instruments with them. They’d love a wooden spoon or a plastic whisk to beat on a tray, or on the floor! Don’t forget to encourage them to move their limbs even if they are too little to boogie alone…

As they grow, make sure there’s music in their day. They will respond instinctively to it, singing, clapping and dancing in a way that grown ups often don’t! Why not take their hand and dance with them. The physical contact is reassuring for them and we’re sure you’ll find yourselves laughing together as you boogie with your tot…

We love a good game of musical statues with our pre-schoolers! They’ll move freely to the music – and they’re learning to really listen so that they can stop when the music does.

We’re so sad to be missing out on regular dance classes with our school age students too. Music and movement have a positive impact on our mood, as well as keeping us fit and healthy. So we’ve launched an online library of pre-recorded classes to keep all our young dancers going, and we’ll be adding to it over the weeks ahead.

Sign up here and use the resources as often as you like!

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