Combatting stress through dance!

Combatting stress through dance!

In the current climate of the world, you will be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t recently experienced high levels of stress. Everyday life has changed! Wether it be home schooling stress (for the parent or child!), work stress, or cabin fever things can be a lot to deal with.

So implementing stress relief devices in your life is essential!

Dance is a wonderful tool to relieve the stress factors in everyday life. Taking a chunk out of a child’s day for them to express themselves within a safe and comfortable environment allows for a stress release whilst they are able to enjoy themselves and be creative!

The practice of dance allows you to fuse body and mind into a singular process and throughout the rising of the heart rate and pulse, the hormone serotonin is produced. Serotonin is the ‘feel good hormone’ that allows for a boost in mood, and release of tension. This explains the often happier and brighter feeling that we experience after exercise!

Giving a child the tool of a dance class after a long day wether it be home schooling or in physical school, allows them to forget the worries of their day for a period of time whilst focusing on an activity. Students learn so many skills such as self accountability, and persistence, whilst expressing themselves and developing their creativity!

However the benefits of dance doesn’t just stick to children! Adults experience a huge amount stress in the current world, which is why our Adult classes are perfect for our dance parents or any adult who wants a try! Not only a chance to get yourself moving, our adult Classes also provide a safe space away from daily life for you to forget about your worries and socialise with others!

Overall dance provides the perfect escape from any stresses and helps to provide a serotonin boost for a happier mood!

Stay safe and well all our Elite Dance Families,

The Elite Dance Team x