Benefits of dancing at home!

Hi All,

We hope you’re staying safe and well! As you know we have to stay closed in line with government guidelines. However, our online classes will continue to run!

I felt this was a great time to outline some of the benefits of online classes for your child and why we feel they are a brilliant opportunity for all of our students!

1- Health and Wellbeing. Without stating the obvious we all know that exercise is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle. Dance is not only brilliant for your physical health and wellbeing but also for mental wellbeing. Our lessons challenge students to use their brains in a different way, keeping them mentally active and engaged.

2- Routine. Within the current pandemic, keeping a routine can be very tricky whilst not being able to fulfill normal activities such as school and extracurricular clubs. Some children thrive through routine and therefore knowing classes are running to a schedule allows some sense of routine within our student’s lives.

3- Socialising. Through using the platform of zoom, students are able to socialize with their peers and teachers. Allowing them to interact with members outside of their household, which will in turn benefit their mental wellbeing.

We are loving teaching our students through zoom, and feel so grateful to still be able to interact with you!

Stay safe and well,
Miss Emily x