5 Stocking Fillers for Dancers!

5 Stocking Fillers for Dancers!

Dear Elite Families!

Its getting closer! Christmas is coming, its getting colder… and again, the though of what presents to buy is constantly on your mind! So we have decided to put together a list for those who would love some dance stocking fillers!

1- Shoe Bags! – Every dancer needs a shoe bag! Has your child ever arrived at dance and they realised they only have 1 ballet shoe? Annoying isn’t it! Well a shoe bag prevents all that! One shoe bag for all your dance shoes to be stored in means a pair can never be forgotten, they can’t get damaged, and all your shoes are in one space ready to go! Check out the following links for some different versions of shoe bags we love here!



2 – Warm ups or cover ups! – For the colder months a dance warm up is the perfect gift! Wether it be warm up boots, or a wrapover, a warm up is perfect for class! A large variety of warmups can be found on most dance websites, with a range for your preference and style! We find that wearing a warm up to class keeps students in the correct mindset of uniform for class! A couple of our favourites are attached below!



3- Foam and muscle rollers! – Every dancer knows the achey muscles at the end of the day! Muscle rollers are the perfect gift for a busy dancer who needs some muscle therapy at the end of the day! Used to loosen any knots in the muscles at the end of the day, or to flush lactic acid out of the muscles, rollers prevent sore or achey muscles in the morning and help to repair muscle for after a busy dance day!



4 – Hair Kit – a must have for any dancer is a portable mini hair kit! That ballet bun needs to stay intact, and how annoying is it when you cant find a grip when you need it! Bloch make a perfect mini travel hair kit, including bands, bun nets and a variety of grips to keep your dance hair perfect!


5 – Uniform! Christmas is the perfect time to top up on uniform. That leotard that’s been a bit small for a while, or that pair of tap shoes your child has just ‘had to have!’ for the last term! Well Christmas gives you the opportunity to top up! As well as checking out our new uniform range on the website! SO many gorgeous pieces that your child will love! head over to the uniform section of the website to have a look!

We hope you found these suggestions helpful! We would love to see your dancers with their dance presents this christmas, so tag us in your posts!

For websites to search for gifts look no further than Move Dancewear, Dance Direct, and Dancewear central! Well as any local dance retailers such as Dance evolution (kidlington).

Best wishes and happy shopping!

The Elite Dance Team xx